• Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work as hard!
    Tim Notke


Athlete training will deliver a completely customized strength and conditioning program based on the individual athlete’s specific sport and goals from novice to professional athletes. Strength and performance training is critical to all age spectrums to include youth (6-12 years), adolescent (12-19 years) collegiate (20-25 years) athletes as they go through many changes in life and in sport through the growth and development process. Many crucial decisions for long term athletic development are made during this time period.


With the trend towards early sport specialization becoming more prevalent in younger athletes, it is important to ensure that individuals are competent in a broad spectrum of movements so that they are well rounded and able to perform their sports activities in the safest manner possible.  Strength and conditioning training provides a stable foundation for a lifetime of movement and performance. Developing athlete’s strength capacity can be significantly enhanced (gains of up to 74% have been reported) through a program that uses a variety of forms of resistance training (NSCA, 2009). The ability to coordinate movement and to efficiently recruit muscles in synchronized action are two of the main reasons for the strength improvements. As athletes age, this is a natural pattern of development but using forms of strength and conditioning training can expedite the process. The increases in muscular strength seen in childhood can be greater than the strength increases seen in adolescence (Joyce, 2014) which evidences why the early initiation of a formal strength and conditioning plan is an important step. Individuals who train twice per week, on average, have 33% higher strength gains than their once session per week counterparts. Stronger athletes perform better, are more trainable and have the most long-term success.

Our Consultation

The consultation services are customized nutrition, cardio, and supplement plans based on your current situation and goals. We will do regular updates during the consultation (typically once per week) and you also get unlimited email consultation during the plan. This can be used for general fat loss, muscle gain, maintenance, and in anything in between (or a combination thereof).

We specialize in contest preparation for:

  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Agility
  • Conditioning
  • Flexibility
  • Stamina



Complete Informational and Needs Assessment Form


Set-up Free 15 minute Consultation


Make a strategic decision which areas the athlete needs to concentrate for overall athletic improvement


Come up with a tailored athlete training program for success in or offseason

Distance Doesn't Matter

Whether you are in the local Hampton Roads area or completely outside the continental U.S., Team Best Fit uses the power of technology to provide individualized and personal coaching and guidance all the way through the process.

We take pride in our ability to tailor our approach where distance does not matter!