Managing Stress through Diet & Nutrition



Stress is an unavoidable part of life, but that doesn’t mean it has to affect your health or your performance. We all are pulled in so many different directions on a daily basis stress can overload our bodies and we steadily decline in optimal efficient.  Overwork, lack of sleep, colds and flu, emotional upset, and poor eating habits all put stress on your body.


This seminar will offer specific nutrition strategies to condition your body so it can deal with life’s daily stresses. From multivitamins to certain green vegetables, there are several diet and nutrition strategies that will be taught to give you healthy approaches when stress seems paramount. With the right diet, vitamins, minerals and herbs you can boost your body’s immune system, increase your energy level, and prevent stress related symptoms including fatigue, headache, low back pain, irritability, and irritable bowel syndrome. Learn these methods and make them work for you.

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